Spiritual Essentials

A few weeks ago here, I promised to share a list of my spiritual essentials. just simple ways I find to connect with my center so enough of the suspense… Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section below and I do look forward to hearing your suggestions of your spiritual essentials.

Spiritual Essentials

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Some of it seems to go against the grain of traditional doctrine, For a very long time in my life I believed the only ways to connect with God was through prayers and reading the bible and while these are two of my favorite ways to connect with God, over time I realize that I can also experience the essence of God in the simple things like watching the Anima series over and over again! or spending quality time on Jon Jorgenson’s blog , or watching the sun rise with my son on a Saturday morning and after that my spirit is filled and light and radiant then I am more able to do the works God has entrusted on me to do…

And at that moment I know without a doubt that I’d just been with the Spirit of God.

I look forward to hearing from you. You see something missing? Do tell  me about it.

Love Zansi

Twitter: @zansisgroove

Website: http://www.zansisgroove.wordpress.com

Email: zansisgroove@gmail.com


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