Marital Peace and Elections

While we await the announcement of the final election results by INEC… In 2011, Bobo and I voted for opposing parties. He didn’t know my party loyalties until after I had cast my vote. When I told him, he laughed and called my candidate a loser. I held my peace.

Fast forward to last Saturday 28th March, 2015’s Presidential election, the story has changed. My loser candidate is now his main man, I’ve being practically gloating. I said ehn see yourself… story don change abi?

At the end of the day,In Marriage what binds us together is stronger than the elections, party loyalties and candidate preference. keep calm

P.S: Is it just me or did any one else notice, the amount of creativity during this year’s election campaigns as regards the jingles both radio and television?

Love Zansi

Twitter: @zansisgroove