The ULES Engineering Ladies Day

“It is increasingly obvious that there are certain challenges facing ladies in the engineering profession however these challenges are particularly unique. From a 3 point perspective, there will be challenges faced as a professional woman, challenges faced as an engineer and challenges faced due to our environment. Certain common sense principles can make you more effective in dealing with these challenges.”

-Zansi Adebowale

A few months ago I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to a group of female engineering students at the University of Lagos. The program was organized by the University of Lagos Engineering society (ULES) and I was invited as a member of Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN).

The theme of the event was “The Lady Engineer and the 21st century’. I get really excited when I get invited to events like this a little too excited so I jumped to my computer and started typing away line after line and preparing myself for this my ‘amazing’ presentation about how awesome and amazing engineering is,how the future in engineering is so bright and all the magnificent things engineers are doing around the world. On my way to the event, I had a light bulb moment, while this ‘amazing’ presentation was amazing with pictures and videos and all I decided to speak from another angle.. 3 angles to be precise
1. The challenges facing the Engineering profession
2. The challenges facing Female engineers
3. The challenges faced due to this environment

So while I will not go into detail of everything I spoke about here are some extracts

Time: Time is finite. It ends so we need to plan our time better.

Capacity: Do you have what it takes? What are you bringing to the table? Investing in yourself, improving yourself is not being selfish. You are your greatest asset.

Hardwork and Character: The basics matter a lot. Respect, Attitude, Hygiene, Vision and so on

Environment: Chaos is a sign of a solution it all depends on the way you approach it

And above all decide your path; management, innovation, research, consulting and pursue it.

One of the most intriguing questions I got at the end was when a young lady asked how to deal with discriminations in the workplace especially as regards climbing the corporate ladder. This wasn’t my response but this is what I wish I said. I wish I told her to have the courage to search for a solution to climbing that ladder, to be creative about it and do what she could to get the power to change the situation. Simply take your ladder and lean it on another wall… it could take a year and it could take five years but at the end it’ll be worth it.

So in all I really want to congratulate the spirited engineers that put the event all together and all the other speakers at the event (I can’t remember all of them)

The representative of Engr Sandra Aguebor Ekperuoh; The Director Lady Mechanic Initiative.

Mrs Dolapo Aolabi; The Director of Afara Leadership Development Programme.

Engr Nimot. Muili is a Principal Engineer with Arup Nigeria and Chairman Apwen Lagos branch.

And a special shout out to Subomi  and Fatima …you Rock! … Kisses mmmwah!!

Love Zansi

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Engr Nimot and Myself  flanked by some of the engineering students

Engr Nimot and Myself flanked by some of the engineering students


Zansi doing her thing!

If you will like to learn more about the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN), their events and the work they are doing please visit their website by following the link.


WESCI 2014: My 2 Cents

A few weeks ago I attended the World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (WESCI 2014) with the theme: Development of Sustainable Infrastructure in Africa hosted by The Nigerian Society Engineers (NSE) held 2nd-7th of November 2014 in Abuja. This was the first time I was away from the kids for more than two days. I was very apprehensive and high strung but after the first day in Abuja I decided to let go and enjoy the experience.

The launching of the Young Engineers Forum of Nigeria (YEFON), an arm of the Nigeria Society of Engineers which intends to carter for its young members. You can read more about this on their website here

The NSE Presentation by Ing. Malcolm Pautz; The Vice President South African Institution of Civil Engineering on Producing Infrastructure Score Card: The South African Experience


Ibrahim Ogundeko; The Winner of the Young Engineers Project Award for Humanitarian. I have had the pleasure of working and interacting with Ibrahim. He is eloquent, respectful and passionate. Listening to him speak about his project was extremely delightful especially because this is my present field of engineering and He spoke on his project on a Solar Powered Refrigerator with Solar Tracking Incorporated for Optimal Power Generation. I see bright things in his future.

Engr Kunle Adebajo; The Chairman Ove Arup and Partners: It was a absolute delight to hear Engr Adebajo speak. Taking out time to speak with young engineers was admirable and a lot of the things he spoke about especially about dealing in the work environment and in the engineering industry were absolutely on point.

YEFON: this was my first time of seeing such a huge turnout of young engineers at ANY NSE programmes. Bravo!


Social Media: There was little to no presence on social media. There were so many keynote speakers during the parallel technical sessions from all over the world. You’d have to be a serious “winchy” to attend all the sessions. The use of YouTube could have helped out.

Recycling: Nothing was done with the waste produced well except it was done in secret.

The Exhibition: I would love to see more ‘stuff’ at the next exhibition.

I am looking forward to the 2015 National Conference to hold in Akure, Ondo State “The Sunshine State” 7th – 11th December, 2015.

All in all, It was nice experience. I didn’t take too many pictures on purpose because I really wanted to experience the event. It is easy to miss out on what is been said when trying to get pictures.
At the end of the day, it is nice to be back home with some very spicy kilishi (local sun-dried meat)!!


wesci abuja

Love Zansi

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If you will like to learn more about the NSE or the World Federation of Engineering Organizations WFEO (The WFEO are the organizers of the World Engineering Conferences), their events and the work they are doing please visit their websites by following the links below




Conversations with Obianuju baby

Conversation 1

Obianuju:Hi dear

B: Hey

O: Looking forward to seeing you soon.I’m glad you are feeling better. I feel like you’re an egg. When I see you I’d be too scared to hug you too tight. So you don’t crack. Like an egg. Not just any egg. A Fabergé  egg….Shiny and sparkly. And priceless. Yes, Priceless.

B: Naaaa egg of steel!!!

O: Yeah. Will you now grab it and be tossing it around ni? Ehn? Bush girl!!!

B: *Laughs!!

 Conversation 2

F: For your 100% human hair at great prices…

Obianuju: *checks F’s dp

Obianuju: Ewwww…. Spiderrrr on your dp!!Eeeewwww!

F: *Laughs

O: Eeeeewww!! Iyama!!

F *changes dp

O: Ahh nice!! This one is better. Like you chopped somebody’s head off. Shhhhhssshhh!! Where’s the body? I won’t tell anybody.

F: Ok. I will tell you past midnight.

O: Ahhhh! I’m not sleeping tonight oh! Hot gist fa! *dancing etigi


Conversation 3

Obianuju: Send me your picture na. At least if I can’t see you in person fa.

K: you want to laugh at ugly me abi?

O: haba! Laugh at you why???

K: *K sends picture of her legs

O: K This is a very sexy picture. I want to see your face not your legs. Your legs are sexy . very juicy. Like a well roasted grilled peppered chicken. That’s to let you know I’m hungry.

K: Godness. Now I’m extremely hungry . I’m looking for grilled chicken.

O: I’m so buying grilled chicken on my way home today.

K * sends another picture of her face

O: you look so beautiful.

K: I don’t believe you jooor!

O: You look like perfectly whipped caramel ice cream. Like I can lick you!! When I was pregnant I looked like amala….. badly made amala. With koko!

O* sends picture


 Conversation 4

Obianuju: Parenting is like an MBA or worse sef.

T: I’m telling you.

O: Married women be celebrating the arrival of their period like a Uni_ runs babe.

T:  Uni_ ke?

O: Its true na

T: * angry face

O: That’s the part of my statement you want to dwell on? Seriously?

T: only Uni_ people are allowed to diss Uni_

O: Enjoy yourself. Go and sit down jare



My HOD is always wondering what I’m chatting about on my phone.  Well… now you know!


Love Zansi Obianuju

Me and my Phone

Me and my Phone


20 random thingsHappy Friday, all. Bonjour a tous! This 20 Random things has been flying around for a while now . I’ve seen it on sisi yemmie’s blog, berry’s blogand some other bloggers. The more I thought about it the more I realised …hhhhmmm its kind of fun to share 20 random things about me …moi!!
So here it goes

1. I come from Badagry. Badagry is a coastal city in Lagos state. Badagry is sunny with loads of beaches. I think this is so so cool… I always like to believe this should make me kind of exotic.
2. My name is Zansi..nothing more and nothing less. It is not a nickname. It is a Badagry name .yes I know the meaning of my name and No I’m not telling. I absolutely love my name. it’s very me.
3. I am not the only Zansi I know. My cousin’s name is Zansi. And my daughter’s name is Zansi.
4. My birthday is January 1st. Yup the very first day of the calendar year. I think that’s pretty awesome. If I had to choose a birthday I would choose that very same day all over again! Very very unforgettable. My birthday has street cerd! And hubby’s is 1st of March and we got married 1st of November! Word!!!
5. I love white chocolate. I believe the person that invented white chocolate is a GENIUS!! I can go to a supermarket and buy just a bar of white chocolate. Plain white chocolate.
6. I love white wine. Yup… my hubs is a red wine fanatic so when I say white wine he looks at me like I just grew horns. To each his own abeg
7. I read. A lot. Period.
8. I’m a geek. I’m proud of it. I’m a cool geek. #GeekForce
9. I blog troll. And I call it research. *winks.
10. My favourite colour is YELLOW! Why? It’s the colour of sunshine!!
11. I’m not a sports freak but I think Stephen Keshi is pretty awesome. Why? Because he speaks French!! Can’t wait to meet him and we will just be rapping in French.yup I speak French but I need more practice. (Monsieur Keshi, téléphonez-moi s’il vous plaît?)
12. I love to travel. I’ve been to Dubai, France, Germany and South Korea. When I travel I walk a lot. I want to immerse myself in the place and see as much as I possibly can.
13. Obianuju is my alter ego. As in if I’m Igbo (which I secretly believe I am), that would be my name. Hey hey, Beyonce has Sasha fierce I have Obianuju. And Obianuju is pretty amazing!
14. My phone is always on vibrate mode. A pretty good/bad habit. Something I picked up in my banking days. If i not on vibrate its on the phones default ringtone…. nothing crazy.
15. I get anxiety attacks really bad ones. It started in my university days. Before major exams, I start to hyperventilate but once I sit down and see the questions it all goes away.
16. I am very good with song lyrics. Really really good. A little too good. If you don’t believe ask Lekan Dosunmu .. ha ha!!
17. I think Boyz II Men is amazing!!! I think I shed a tear when they broke up. Evolution album.. amazing. #DrSaka
18. I watch a lot of tv. Extreme Makeover Home ed, Biggest Looser, Amazing Race, Cooking shows, Fashion police, CNN’s future finance, the list is endless.
19. I would really like an endorsement deal. Not because of the money ( although that is very key) but because of the photo shoots!!! Yes it’ll be nice to get dolled up and take really really cool pictures. #VainThings #Hook me up!
20. Ah… this one is from my Uni days. I stepped up to a babe for dating my ex-boyfriend. I was like hey I heard you are dating so and so… before I could even finish the girl started crying. Thinking back I am so so so so ashamed of myself. Wherever you are I am so so sorry! What I did was so so stupid!
21. I have just one sibling. My sister. She’s my side chick. Yup. I have half sisters. But Senami is my side chick. She’s my girlfriend, my madam. Like in an alternate world, I’m the guy, my husband would be my main chick and Senami will be the side chick. Hubby would be the iyawo and Senami would be the iyale… you get the picture… yeaahh!
22. I have the most amazing friends in the whole wide world. I honestly believe I do. I have been really really blessed.

There you have it 20+ random things about me. (I dropped two bonus ones there just gbam!).This kind of reminds me of my French classes. You have to say things about yourself in French. Your name, where you live etc… I really should do this in FRENCH!!! *light bulb moment!!
Usually after this, you tag a couple of people to do this same challenge. If I had to tag I would tag Tunde Leye of tlsplace , Ofili of ofilispeaks and definitely Afam of theramblingsofamadman ….. ( I just wonder what goes on in his mind… A loooooot) because I think they are so interesting but I think you are much more interesting
Please don’t wait for someone to tag you, tag yourself or even better please leave a comment and let me know some random (and amazing) things about you.

Love Zansirandom things

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The Real Bling….

Hello all, Sorry for the long break. It has been a crazy couple of months for me. Between my full time job as a mum and an engineer I have been busy planning my sister’s wedding. It was crazy and fun all at the same time. A special shout out to my partner and lover, the FATHER of my children… my hubs! You are awesome I love you … mmmwahh. The full gist with pictures of the wedding will be uploaded later.

Now on to more serious stuff, In recent times it has become quite an in-thing for celebrities to upload pictures of their bling, their cash and even their hot bods on social media. The if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it syndrome and we all have a spirit of voyeurism in us.. I know I do.. so we eat these pictures up.. Some pictures get up to and even more than thousands of views. Love it or hate it, celebrities are hot stuff. If you look at these pictures on the surface you can easily wave your hand and say aww they’ve started again. However, on a deeper level you tend to see a common thread of sorts in the lives of these celebrities. Sort of another spectrum of their lives which I realized get little or no mention at all and that spectrum is what I want to term as the real bling. These are character traits and qualities that qualify these celebrities as success by certain definitions.

Some of these traits include Hard work, Financial literacy,thinking outside the box and self-confidence. The list is endless but I’m going to focus on just two of these traits for this post; The Hard work Bling and the Information Bling.

The Hard work Bling: Celebrities work hard period. To get into the lime light, to stay there and to remain relevant you need to be prepared to work your ass off. It’s just the way it is. If you check out the lives of the real celebrities, not the flash-in-the-pans, you see a common thread of consistency and focus. It is one thing getting your foot in the door but it’s another thing to be consistent, to follow through on the job to be done. Without this trait, you are just a one hit wonder.

The Information Bling: Celebrities use information a little differently that the average person. While some people can spend hours on the internet stocking up on celebs gist and gossips just for the sake of.. Celebs use information to follow up on trends and to use these trends to create even more buzz and products. I am highly convinced that celebs read , they read the newspapers, the read magazines, they read books, the read about finance, the read about advertising, they read about health and fitness,… they read…

Zee's Bling

Zee’s Bling

So while we are looking at the pictures and the videos on social media and loving it or hating, let’s look beyond and see the amount of hard work and information that’s put in.



Do you know of any other “real blings” character traits and attitudes … please tell me about it.

zee's bling

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Obianuju and Things


Henri and Partner, Okro things, Doc Tara and other things

Henri and Partner, Okro things, Doc Tara and other things

Gooooood morning Lagos Nigeria!!! It is a beautiful day in the vibrant city of Lagos and I’m your girl Obianuju or Juju for short with a French accent. Not ‘Juju’ like African winchy winchy … but on second thoughts I quite fancy the idea of being a white witch like those ones that wear all white in Nollywood movies and if a black witch tries to touch one of my kids I can just picture myself tearing them to pieces with my teeth and blood splashes all over my white.. yeah picture that CSI.

In the news today, we welcomed 2 goldfishes to Casa Adebowale last week. I am very ready for the responsibility required to care for goldfishes (i.e almost 0% responsibilities. Feed once a day and clean the tank once a week) but I am very unsure if I’m prepared for the day we wake up and find one of them belly up in the tank.. aaarrrgggh. I honestly don’t know if we discussed getting these goldfishes as they were gifts for the kids from our fantastic peps at The Aquarium Gallery and the fishes are helping Miss T and I work on our fish mouth *winks. We are still undecided about their names. I’m suggesting ‘Henri’ for one of them after Thierry Henry #IThinkHenriIsLikeSoSocute

In other news my okro plant is blooming. Yes yes shame to bad people. Watching me till and till the land since January. Spent the first four months warding off my environmental elements by name Temi, Tara and Dami. So I should be harvesting maybe 5-10 sticks of okro in a few weeks…. Yay!!!

Last Saturday we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. Special thanks to De Cake Shoppe.Very low key but I took my time in picking a design for her cake.  My baby thinks the only job on this earth is to be a princess, as in she wants to be a princess engineer or princess something else depending on the week. So this was a way of introducing her to other professions. Plus any time I bring out my first aid kit the girl will just be running around the house shouting “mummy are you a doctor?are you a doctor?”!!! Haba. So this was my way of getting back at her. I’ve told her there are no doctors in her village so she can go there and be the first doctor. We start dance classes very soon since swimming lessons with Miss T hasn’t been a walk in the park. Once I say baby kick your legs my daughter kicks everything.. EVERYTHING … legs, hands, head… after one lesson I had water in my nose, eyes, hair … so let’s see how dance class goes before we return back to the pool.

And finally, We are in serious countdown mode for the #2024 Olympics. Yes I said 2024. The Prince and I have been training about three times a week, building our swim muscles and all. I have finally gotten a hang on my flip and my butterfly stroke is getting better. Watch out for Temstar #2024 Olympic Dream Team. #HandsInTheAirWaveItLikeYouJustDon’tCare

So off to pound the streets of Lagos. Get my workout on before we head to the pool. The hustle is real, guys. And to those of you eating rice or Quaker oats for breakfast and be saying you are dieting … shame shame shaaaame on you, remember a few minutes on your lips a lifetime on your hips #ObianujuSays… well except you are like Bee.. the girl is an alien.. as in green alien, Honest. But if you put in your workout this morning to you woman I say you can rule the WORLD!! God is love y’all


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henri plus oneokro things


doc tara



The Look

Yay!! my first make-up post.. wait I can see the rolling eyes and I can hear the groans but let me allow the pictures speak for themselves.

The Challenge

                    The Challenge


                      The Products

before n after

                       The Result

Products Used 

Concealer – N1000

Concealer (Highlighter) – N1000 
Loose Powder – N500
Mascara – N200
Eye Pencil – N50
Lip Liner- N200
Eye Liner – N1000
Lip gloss – N200
Eye shadow palette – cheap
I stumble on a lot of makeup blogs and I respect the hustle I really do however you only need to glance at the list of products used per look. On the average about 23 products. Wow! 
So I thought to myself, someday somebody will do a look that’s strictly street products (and no your face will not turn alien green), then I thought that may never happen. So I did it.
Everything for me is a learning experience. I learnt that the tools and techniques are just as important as the products used and the information I needed was right within my reach all I had to do was look for it. 
I did this to let somebody out there know this ; don’t be deterred. Find a way. Ask around. Whether it is learning how to cook a new dish or how to meet new people and make friends.
Don’t be deterred. The information you need is right within your reach all you have to do is look for it. 



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I use a lot of Mac products so putting this together was a bit of a challenge. Special thanks to Lola for hooking me up.