The Look

Yay!! my first make-up post.. wait I can see the rolling eyes and I can hear the groans but let me allow the pictures speak for themselves.

The Challenge

                    The Challenge


                      The Products

before n after

                       The Result

Products Used 

Concealer – N1000

Concealer (Highlighter) – N1000 
Loose Powder – N500
Mascara – N200
Eye Pencil – N50
Lip Liner- N200
Eye Liner – N1000
Lip gloss – N200
Eye shadow palette – cheap
I stumble on a lot of makeup blogs and I respect the hustle I really do however you only need to glance at the list of products used per look. On the average about 23 products. Wow! 
So I thought to myself, someday somebody will do a look that’s strictly street products (and no your face will not turn alien green), then I thought that may never happen. So I did it.
Everything for me is a learning experience. I learnt that the tools and techniques are just as important as the products used and the information I needed was right within my reach all I had to do was look for it. 
I did this to let somebody out there know this ; don’t be deterred. Find a way. Ask around. Whether it is learning how to cook a new dish or how to meet new people and make friends.
Don’t be deterred. The information you need is right within your reach all you have to do is look for it. 



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I use a lot of Mac products so putting this together was a bit of a challenge. Special thanks to Lola for hooking me up.