ToolBox Essentials

According to Wikipedia, the four main branches of engineering are Chemical engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Although according to Wikipedia again other specialties exists as combinations of traditional fields and new discoveries. When I decided I wanted to study Engineering It wasn’t difficult for me to decide which branch. I simply steered clear of the Electrical and Chemical fields for the obvious reasons I sucked at Chemistry and Electrics so it was down to Civil and Mechanical. Aeronautics and Automobiles kind of edged me into Mechanical Engineering but what sealed it for me were the TOOLS!! Mechanical Engineering has some of the coolest tools ever!! When you hold them you just wanna break something, build it back up, screw it, saw it… ahh (little did I know) Studying in a Nigerian University, I can count how many times I’ve actually touched a tool, The few tools I gathered was during my internship with Julius Berger and those few have been “obtained” by my husband.

This is picture of what my ideal tool storage would look like… yep an entire garage full of shiny stuff!

But you want to build up a toolbox here are a few essentials to help you get started.

Toolbox Essentials

Toolbox Essentials

(Click here to download a free printable!!)

Do you have any essential tool not listed? Do tell me about it!


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