WESCI 2014: My 2 Cents

A few weeks ago I attended the World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (WESCI 2014) with the theme: Development of Sustainable Infrastructure in Africa hosted by The Nigerian Society Engineers (NSE) held 2nd-7th of November 2014 in Abuja. This was the first time I was away from the kids for more than two days. I was very apprehensive and high strung but after the first day in Abuja I decided to let go and enjoy the experience.

The launching of the Young Engineers Forum of Nigeria (YEFON), an arm of the Nigeria Society of Engineers which intends to carter for its young members. You can read more about this on their website here

The NSE Presentation by Ing. Malcolm Pautz; The Vice President South African Institution of Civil Engineering on Producing Infrastructure Score Card: The South African Experience


Ibrahim Ogundeko; The Winner of the Young Engineers Project Award for Humanitarian. I have had the pleasure of working and interacting with Ibrahim. He is eloquent, respectful and passionate. Listening to him speak about his project was extremely delightful especially because this is my present field of engineering and He spoke on his project on a Solar Powered Refrigerator with Solar Tracking Incorporated for Optimal Power Generation. I see bright things in his future.

Engr Kunle Adebajo; The Chairman Ove Arup and Partners: It was a absolute delight to hear Engr Adebajo speak. Taking out time to speak with young engineers was admirable and a lot of the things he spoke about especially about dealing in the work environment and in the engineering industry were absolutely on point.

YEFON: this was my first time of seeing such a huge turnout of young engineers at ANY NSE programmes. Bravo!


Social Media: There was little to no presence on social media. There were so many keynote speakers during the parallel technical sessions from all over the world. You’d have to be a serious “winchy” to attend all the sessions. The use of YouTube could have helped out.

Recycling: Nothing was done with the waste produced well except it was done in secret.

The Exhibition: I would love to see more ‘stuff’ at the next exhibition.

I am looking forward to the 2015 National Conference to hold in Akure, Ondo State “The Sunshine State” 7th – 11th December, 2015.

All in all, It was nice experience. I didn’t take too many pictures on purpose because I really wanted to experience the event. It is easy to miss out on what is been said when trying to get pictures.
At the end of the day, it is nice to be back home with some very spicy kilishi (local sun-dried meat)!!


wesci abuja

Love Zansi

Twitter: @zansisgroove

Website: http://www.zansisgroove.wordpress.com

Email: zansisgroove@gmail.com

If you will like to learn more about the NSE or the World Federation of Engineering Organizations WFEO (The WFEO are the organizers of the World Engineering Conferences), their events and the work they are doing please visit their websites by following the links below








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