Conversations with Obianuju baby

Conversation 1

Obianuju:Hi dear

B: Hey

O: Looking forward to seeing you soon.I’m glad you are feeling better. I feel like you’re an egg. When I see you I’d be too scared to hug you too tight. So you don’t crack. Like an egg. Not just any egg. A Fabergé  egg….Shiny and sparkly. And priceless. Yes, Priceless.

B: Naaaa egg of steel!!!

O: Yeah. Will you now grab it and be tossing it around ni? Ehn? Bush girl!!!

B: *Laughs!!

 Conversation 2

F: For your 100% human hair at great prices…

Obianuju: *checks F’s dp

Obianuju: Ewwww…. Spiderrrr on your dp!!Eeeewwww!

F: *Laughs

O: Eeeeewww!! Iyama!!

F *changes dp

O: Ahh nice!! This one is better. Like you chopped somebody’s head off. Shhhhhssshhh!! Where’s the body? I won’t tell anybody.

F: Ok. I will tell you past midnight.

O: Ahhhh! I’m not sleeping tonight oh! Hot gist fa! *dancing etigi


Conversation 3

Obianuju: Send me your picture na. At least if I can’t see you in person fa.

K: you want to laugh at ugly me abi?

O: haba! Laugh at you why???

K: *K sends picture of her legs

O: K This is a very sexy picture. I want to see your face not your legs. Your legs are sexy . very juicy. Like a well roasted grilled peppered chicken. That’s to let you know I’m hungry.

K: Godness. Now I’m extremely hungry . I’m looking for grilled chicken.

O: I’m so buying grilled chicken on my way home today.

K * sends another picture of her face

O: you look so beautiful.

K: I don’t believe you jooor!

O: You look like perfectly whipped caramel ice cream. Like I can lick you!! When I was pregnant I looked like amala….. badly made amala. With koko!

O* sends picture


 Conversation 4

Obianuju: Parenting is like an MBA or worse sef.

T: I’m telling you.

O: Married women be celebrating the arrival of their period like a Uni_ runs babe.

T:  Uni_ ke?

O: Its true na

T: * angry face

O: That’s the part of my statement you want to dwell on? Seriously?

T: only Uni_ people are allowed to diss Uni_

O: Enjoy yourself. Go and sit down jare



My HOD is always wondering what I’m chatting about on my phone.  Well… now you know!


Love Zansi Obianuju

Me and my Phone

Me and my Phone



20 random thingsHappy Friday, all. Bonjour a tous! This 20 Random things has been flying around for a while now . I’ve seen it on sisi yemmie’s blog, berry’s blogand some other bloggers. The more I thought about it the more I realised …hhhhmmm its kind of fun to share 20 random things about me …moi!!
So here it goes

1. I come from Badagry. Badagry is a coastal city in Lagos state. Badagry is sunny with loads of beaches. I think this is so so cool… I always like to believe this should make me kind of exotic.
2. My name is Zansi..nothing more and nothing less. It is not a nickname. It is a Badagry name .yes I know the meaning of my name and No I’m not telling. I absolutely love my name. it’s very me.
3. I am not the only Zansi I know. My cousin’s name is Zansi. And my daughter’s name is Zansi.
4. My birthday is January 1st. Yup the very first day of the calendar year. I think that’s pretty awesome. If I had to choose a birthday I would choose that very same day all over again! Very very unforgettable. My birthday has street cerd! And hubby’s is 1st of March and we got married 1st of November! Word!!!
5. I love white chocolate. I believe the person that invented white chocolate is a GENIUS!! I can go to a supermarket and buy just a bar of white chocolate. Plain white chocolate.
6. I love white wine. Yup… my hubs is a red wine fanatic so when I say white wine he looks at me like I just grew horns. To each his own abeg
7. I read. A lot. Period.
8. I’m a geek. I’m proud of it. I’m a cool geek. #GeekForce
9. I blog troll. And I call it research. *winks.
10. My favourite colour is YELLOW! Why? It’s the colour of sunshine!!
11. I’m not a sports freak but I think Stephen Keshi is pretty awesome. Why? Because he speaks French!! Can’t wait to meet him and we will just be rapping in French.yup I speak French but I need more practice. (Monsieur Keshi, téléphonez-moi s’il vous plaît?)
12. I love to travel. I’ve been to Dubai, France, Germany and South Korea. When I travel I walk a lot. I want to immerse myself in the place and see as much as I possibly can.
13. Obianuju is my alter ego. As in if I’m Igbo (which I secretly believe I am), that would be my name. Hey hey, Beyonce has Sasha fierce I have Obianuju. And Obianuju is pretty amazing!
14. My phone is always on vibrate mode. A pretty good/bad habit. Something I picked up in my banking days. If i not on vibrate its on the phones default ringtone…. nothing crazy.
15. I get anxiety attacks really bad ones. It started in my university days. Before major exams, I start to hyperventilate but once I sit down and see the questions it all goes away.
16. I am very good with song lyrics. Really really good. A little too good. If you don’t believe ask Lekan Dosunmu .. ha ha!!
17. I think Boyz II Men is amazing!!! I think I shed a tear when they broke up. Evolution album.. amazing. #DrSaka
18. I watch a lot of tv. Extreme Makeover Home ed, Biggest Looser, Amazing Race, Cooking shows, Fashion police, CNN’s future finance, the list is endless.
19. I would really like an endorsement deal. Not because of the money ( although that is very key) but because of the photo shoots!!! Yes it’ll be nice to get dolled up and take really really cool pictures. #VainThings #Hook me up!
20. Ah… this one is from my Uni days. I stepped up to a babe for dating my ex-boyfriend. I was like hey I heard you are dating so and so… before I could even finish the girl started crying. Thinking back I am so so so so ashamed of myself. Wherever you are I am so so sorry! What I did was so so stupid!
21. I have just one sibling. My sister. She’s my side chick. Yup. I have half sisters. But Senami is my side chick. She’s my girlfriend, my madam. Like in an alternate world, I’m the guy, my husband would be my main chick and Senami will be the side chick. Hubby would be the iyawo and Senami would be the iyale… you get the picture… yeaahh!
22. I have the most amazing friends in the whole wide world. I honestly believe I do. I have been really really blessed.

There you have it 20+ random things about me. (I dropped two bonus ones there just gbam!).This kind of reminds me of my French classes. You have to say things about yourself in French. Your name, where you live etc… I really should do this in FRENCH!!! *light bulb moment!!
Usually after this, you tag a couple of people to do this same challenge. If I had to tag I would tag Tunde Leye of tlsplace , Ofili of ofilispeaks and definitely Afam of theramblingsofamadman ….. ( I just wonder what goes on in his mind… A loooooot) because I think they are so interesting but I think you are much more interesting
Please don’t wait for someone to tag you, tag yourself or even better please leave a comment and let me know some random (and amazing) things about you.

Love Zansirandom things

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