The Real Bling….

Hello all, Sorry for the long break. It has been a crazy couple of months for me. Between my full time job as a mum and an engineer I have been busy planning my sister’s wedding. It was crazy and fun all at the same time. A special shout out to my partner and lover, the FATHER of my children… my hubs! You are awesome I love you … mmmwahh. The full gist with pictures of the wedding will be uploaded later.

Now on to more serious stuff, In recent times it has become quite an in-thing for celebrities to upload pictures of their bling, their cash and even their hot bods on social media. The if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it syndrome and we all have a spirit of voyeurism in us.. I know I do.. so we eat these pictures up.. Some pictures get up to and even more than thousands of views. Love it or hate it, celebrities are hot stuff. If you look at these pictures on the surface you can easily wave your hand and say aww they’ve started again. However, on a deeper level you tend to see a common thread of sorts in the lives of these celebrities. Sort of another spectrum of their lives which I realized get little or no mention at all and that spectrum is what I want to term as the real bling. These are character traits and qualities that qualify these celebrities as success by certain definitions.

Some of these traits include Hard work, Financial literacy,thinking outside the box and self-confidence. The list is endless but I’m going to focus on just two of these traits for this post; The Hard work Bling and the Information Bling.

The Hard work Bling: Celebrities work hard period. To get into the lime light, to stay there and to remain relevant you need to be prepared to work your ass off. It’s just the way it is. If you check out the lives of the real celebrities, not the flash-in-the-pans, you see a common thread of consistency and focus. It is one thing getting your foot in the door but it’s another thing to be consistent, to follow through on the job to be done. Without this trait, you are just a one hit wonder.

The Information Bling: Celebrities use information a little differently that the average person. While some people can spend hours on the internet stocking up on celebs gist and gossips just for the sake of.. Celebs use information to follow up on trends and to use these trends to create even more buzz and products. I am highly convinced that celebs read , they read the newspapers, the read magazines, they read books, the read about finance, the read about advertising, they read about health and fitness,… they read…

Zee's Bling

Zee’s Bling

So while we are looking at the pictures and the videos on social media and loving it or hating, let’s look beyond and see the amount of hard work and information that’s put in.



Do you know of any other “real blings” character traits and attitudes … please tell me about it.

zee's bling

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