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Henri and Partner, Okro things, Doc Tara and other things

Henri and Partner, Okro things, Doc Tara and other things

Gooooood morning Lagos Nigeria!!! It is a beautiful day in the vibrant city of Lagos and I’m your girl Obianuju or Juju for short with a French accent. Not ‘Juju’ like African winchy winchy … but on second thoughts I quite fancy the idea of being a white witch like those ones that wear all white in Nollywood movies and if a black witch tries to touch one of my kids I can just picture myself tearing them to pieces with my teeth and blood splashes all over my white.. yeah picture that CSI.

In the news today, we welcomed 2 goldfishes to Casa Adebowale last week. I am very ready for the responsibility required to care for goldfishes (i.e almost 0% responsibilities. Feed once a day and clean the tank once a week) but I am very unsure if I’m prepared for the day we wake up and find one of them belly up in the tank.. aaarrrgggh. I honestly don’t know if we discussed getting these goldfishes as they were gifts for the kids from our fantastic peps at The Aquarium Gallery and the fishes are helping Miss T and I work on our fish mouth *winks. We are still undecided about their names. I’m suggesting ‘Henri’ for one of them after Thierry Henry #IThinkHenriIsLikeSoSocute

In other news my okro plant is blooming. Yes yes shame to bad people. Watching me till and till the land since January. Spent the first four months warding off my environmental elements by name Temi, Tara and Dami. So I should be harvesting maybe 5-10 sticks of okro in a few weeks…. Yay!!!

Last Saturday we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. Special thanks to De Cake Shoppe.Very low key but I took my time in picking a design for her cake.  My baby thinks the only job on this earth is to be a princess, as in she wants to be a princess engineer or princess something else depending on the week. So this was a way of introducing her to other professions. Plus any time I bring out my first aid kit the girl will just be running around the house shouting “mummy are you a doctor?are you a doctor?”!!! Haba. So this was my way of getting back at her. I’ve told her there are no doctors in her village so she can go there and be the first doctor. We start dance classes very soon since swimming lessons with Miss T hasn’t been a walk in the park. Once I say baby kick your legs my daughter kicks everything.. EVERYTHING … legs, hands, head… after one lesson I had water in my nose, eyes, hair … so let’s see how dance class goes before we return back to the pool.

And finally, We are in serious countdown mode for the #2024 Olympics. Yes I said 2024. The Prince and I have been training about three times a week, building our swim muscles and all. I have finally gotten a hang on my flip and my butterfly stroke is getting better. Watch out for Temstar #2024 Olympic Dream Team. #HandsInTheAirWaveItLikeYouJustDon’tCare

So off to pound the streets of Lagos. Get my workout on before we head to the pool. The hustle is real, guys. And to those of you eating rice or Quaker oats for breakfast and be saying you are dieting … shame shame shaaaame on you, remember a few minutes on your lips a lifetime on your hips #ObianujuSays… well except you are like Bee.. the girl is an alien.. as in green alien, Honest. But if you put in your workout this morning to you woman I say you can rule the WORLD!! God is love y’all


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