Mrs Know-It-All

“If you want to appear intelligent speak only about things you know about “


“If you speak only about things you know about, you will appear intelligent”


You just think you know everything. You just think you know it all. Dr S voice rings in my head. This is my dear friend’s conclusion every time we get into an argument. It used to irk me till I saw it for what it was. A cheap shot at my soft spot. I wish I could tell her that no I do not know it all. Certainly not. Definitely not. I know this for sure because parenting floored me. flat. I know absolutely nothing about being a parent because nobody tells you how much hard work it is. Parenting is a lot of Hard work. A lot of brain work, decision making and balancing.

I learnt how to swim at a really young age. I was probably 5 years old or younger. Saturday mornings, my sister and I would head over to a family friend’s swimming pool for lessons. So you can imagine my excitement when my son, The Prince clocked 4 years old. It was time for swimming lessons. We had already introduced him to the pool at a very young age and he loved splashing in the water. Day one of swimming lessons went without much drama however by the next swimming lesson drama started. It was scream-fest cry-fest and negotiation-fest. I was in shock. Where did I go wrong? This boy loves the pool. Do I stop now or continue with this torture? It didn’t help that hubby was on his side. Leave the boy jare. Even the stares from other parents at the pool was saying the same thing.

One day while blog crawling researching (*winks), I stumbled on Afam’s post on swimming and safety (read here: Dip, Dive, Coast!) and I had a rethink. This swimming skill is very important to me however The Prince and I’s relationship was also on the line. For days the issue kept nagging me. So one day I got home,called The Prince aside and negotiated with him. It was easier than I expected. He said he would do the lessons if I coached. Even though I can swim, I honestly cannot remember how I learnt but I accepted the challenge started reading up and watching videos.We had our first lesson 2 weeks ago. I want to imagine myself like the swimming coach version of Richard Williams ( Serena Williams’ Dad)… (*laughs).


My Prince doing his thing

So nope…. I do not know it all. But I’m curious and very teachable. So right now my prince and I are learning how to swim… together.



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